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The Top 10

        Bios are so super boring.
Let’s do something else instead. You in?


The shortest story ever told:
California born, Austin raised, livin’ in paradise. My definition of paradise changes every few years. It’s currently the island of Oahu. 

Early days, part 1:
My first camera? A secondhand Pentax K1000. It required a thing called film which had to be developed. True story.

Early days, part 2:
My first photography class involved an actual darkroom. In retrospect, letting unsupervised angsty teenagers play with dangerous chemicals in the dark doesn’t seem like the best idea. We didn’t blow the place up — or burn it down — so… success?

Nerding out:
Current lineup: Aside from various lenses, tripods, cables and lighting setups, I rely on my Nikon D750 + iPhone …and occasionally other people’s iPhones. Shouldn’t leave those things lying around unless you want your photos app to get really interesting. And possibly NSFW.

Bragging rights:
Awards & big name clients? Yup. You’ve heard of the Addys, right? Perhaps a few mum-n-pop shops like Harvard University, the US navy, Microsoft, AT&T, Dell, and this cute little startup called Facebook? (I think it’s going to catch on.)

Plays well with others:
Giving back is important. This is why a portion of Modern Tropical‘s proceeds help support the Historic Hawaii Foundation, the Honolulu Museum of Art, and Hawaii Women in Filmmaking. It also ensures that I get out of the house once in a while.

Voted least likely to sit still:
Croatia is my favorite country, Vancouver is my favorite city, and Austinites are my favorite people. My travel bucket list is Earth. All of it.

Life philosophy:
Breathe easy. Be present. Go deep.

Social tendencies:
It took me until 2016 to join Instagram. I KNOW.

I am ridiculously thankful to get to do this everyday. Yes, really.

Perhaps you arrived at this page looking for stats, credentials and other typical bio fodder? Fabulous news: I finally got around to writing an actual for real bio.